The Incredible True Stories of

The Brothers of Baghdad

These are the true stories

of two brothers and best friends: from growing up in Iraq under a tyrant regime, to trying to date girls in an ultraconservative society, to the moment when the U.S. Armed Forces set foot in Iraq and change their lives forever.

The Brothers

Meet Kadhim and Mohammed

Brothers, Best Friends, Heroes


Lovable womanizer, reckless interpreter

Stubborn, loyal, and with a reckless belief in his own invincibility, Mohammed is one of the U.S. Forces’ top interpreters, volunteering for dangerous missions with everyone from the Navy Seals to the Green Berets. He earns the ironic nickname “Saint” while protecting street children one minute and weaving a destructive path of jilted lovers the next.

However, when insurgents label him a traitor and post his picture in mosques throughout the city, Mohammed rises to the top of Baghdad’s most wanted. From narrowly avoiding being kidnapped by his best friend to finding himself in the desert with a knife to his neck, Mohammed is simply too stubborn to die.


Younger brother, resolute doctor

Kadhim is in medical school when the U.S. Forces come to Baghdad in 2003. He believes this to be Iraq’s chance for a free and democratic society, and is shocked as he watches friends and classmates – including his own girlfriend – become increasingly polarized as the country turns to war.

He starts a surgical residency at Baghdad’s largest hospital, only to discover that his workplace is overrun by a brutal Shiite militia, corruption, and a certain number of amorous female patients. While doctors and staff flee, Kadhim remains, conducting triage at gunpoint, facing threats from corrupt staff, and trying to save his patients from being kidnapped from their hospital beds. As circumstances escalate, he realizes that soon he must either give up everything he ever loved… or join the dark side.

All Wild – All True



The Book

The Brothers of Baghdad

The Book


In a world where “boy scout” groups groom twelve year-olds for the dictator’s special forces, Mohammed and Kadhim struggle to feign a love for Saddam and his Ba’ath regime. That is, until April of 2003, when the U.S. Armed Forces land in Iraq.

The Brothers of Baghdad is the true story of two Iraqi brothers becoming unintentional heroes in the midst of the Iraq war. Full of humorous anecdotes and heart-stopping action, it is one of the first nonfiction narratives to show the war from the Iraqi perspective.

Life Under a Dictatorship

From being forced to join the Ba’ath party in order to enter medical school, to having a Ba’athi professor arrange your execution, find out what it is really like to live under a dictatorship.

Life in Iraq

Springbreak in Kurdistan, seeking medical care from sheikhs, proposing to a girl in order to date her: discover the beautiful and the bizarre in Iraqi culture.

Life and War

The best and the worst of humanity: from those who take the lives of children, to those who risk their own lives to save a stranger.


THE BROTHERS OF BAGHDAD is now available for purchase on Amazon! (click here)

  • This book brings Iraq and its culture to life like no other. War, love, action, religion and death make the book a page turner you will never forget.

    — Sylvi Koso, M.D. —
  • As a deployed National Guard Physician I had the unique privilege of working with the young physician protagonist of this true story. The book is an accurate account of the challenges faced by these two young brothers in a lawless society and of their work to help others in the middle of chaos.

    — COL Steve Ulrich, M.D. —


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